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OUR Challenge journals are here!!

Are you an F45 Cultist like we are - here at Mindfulness Matters we love F45 so much we have teamed up with F45 Somerville to bring you an F45 8-Week Challenge specific Mindset Journal.

We developed this journal because we’ve done the 8-week challenge before and know how mentally tough it can be, not just physically tough.

This journal will help you/ has:

  • Journal pages for the entire 8-week challenge plus+ an extra month of journal pages to help keep you on track after the challenge is over during the maintenance phase

  • Learn how to track for success, check in on your progress through out the challenge, be it what weights you are lifting, how many calories you burnt in a session, what LionHeart score you got or how well you are eating throughout the challenge

  • Daily journal pages specifically for your gym workouts, note any changes, how your feeling, energy levels, mindset, diet and what you want to improve on for the next day or week

  • Mental training exercises, to help you increase your mental fitness, learn how to unwind quicker, reduce and relieve stress levels

  • and much much much more!!!



Upcoming Programs


TAP Information Night
October 2019

Need more details about our 10 week TRANSFORMATIONAL ATHLETE PROGRAM before you commit? Come along to our information night where we cover everything that is included.

10 Week TAP Program
November 2019

It’s back again, for a second year in a row, our 10 week TRANSFORMATIONAL ATHLETE PROGRAM is back and better than ever. Epic coaches, elite content and hard work.

Mindset Mastery 101
September 2019

Learn how to master your mindset. You wouldn’t give someone else control over you, don’t let your mind dictate what you do and don’t do. It’s time to take back control.





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From blog posts with how-to’s, to videos of training and programs we run, to Mindset Chats with some of Australia’s best athletes.






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No successful person was ever born great. What they achieved was a result of thousands of hours of practice, focus, motivation, and resilience.

Successful people use a specific methodology to achieve good results. Our comprehensive coaching programs rely on six pillars.

Its framework is based on scientific research, real-life experiences, as well as philosophical and spiritual studies. Its aim is to train your mind to unlock your full potential and accelerate your career.

Our methodology is designed to help you improve upon yourself, gain a growth mindset, and perform in your personal and professional life. It’s all about showing you how to consistently develop your mindset and deliver the outcomes that you want.


Understand yourself and make sense of the world around you and its events – your belief system.


Improve your self-awareness to be able to navigate better in a world that never stops.


Calm, confidence, focus, resilience, motivation, people skills.


Sleep, eat and hydrate, move well, think well, and laugh well.


Learn to plan and take action to meet your personal and professional objectives.



We help Athletes become the world’s best by providing guidance and a wide range of services such as coaching, education and training programs to develop a long successful career. Whether you are a confirmed athlete or an upcoming one, this is the right place if you are looking to progress in your sports.


We work with driven professionals wanting to reach higher performance levels. We provide a variety of coaching programmes for private individuals and corporate organization. Whether you are looking at expanding your horizons, changing lifestyle, or climbing the ladder, we can help you access the mindset that will allow you to perform better.


Our Journals.

We offer an array of Mindset Journals (which are not just for athletes) to help build a bigger, stronger, better and more resilient mindset. Whether your an elite athlete competing on the main stage, a up and coming athlete who is trying to make it to the big time or just an everyday individual who is trying to kick their fitness, personal or professional goals - we have a journal for you. What’s inside our journals:

  • Goal-Setting Pages

  • Effective Goal-Setting

  • Journal Pages

  • Mental Exercises & Techniques

  • Mindset Information

  • Weekly Check In’s


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