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Upcoming Programs


1-Day TAP Program
24th September 2019

Heard about our 10 week TRANSFORMATION ATHLETE PROGRAM, but want to get a feel for it first before you commit? Come along to our 1-Day intensive TAP taster.

Mindset Mastery 101
September 2019

Learn how to master your mindset. You wouldn’t give someone else control over you, don’t let your mind dictate what you do and don’t do. It’s time to take back control.

Mindset Matters Event
October 2019

Not quite convinced your mindset matters, but heard a lot of talk about it? Come along to our Mindset Matters event and find out why it does from athletes to corporate go getters.



Want access to FREE resources, insights and strategies to help you on your path to a stronger mindset.


Mindset Chats

Recently Taela has started to pick the minds of some of the best elite athletes in Australia in a variety of different sports, finding out what makes them tick; how they overcome adversity in their chosen field and what strategies they use to help them have a rock solid mindset - take a look for yourself and get some inside information on some of your favourite athletes in our NEW mindset chats.


Transform your Mind

Strengthen your mind to ensure it becomes a weapon and your biggest ally, instead of becoming a hindrance and something that holds you back.


Our Journals.

We offer an array of Mindset Journals (which are not just for athletes) to help build a bigger, stronger, better and more resilient mindset. Whether your an elite athlete competing on the main stage, a up and coming athlete who is trying to make it to the big time or just an everyday individual who is trying to kick their fitness, personal or professional goals - we have a journal for you. What’s inside our journals:

  • Goal-Setting Pages

  • Effective Goal-Setting

  • Journal Pages

  • Mental Exercises & Techniques

  • Mindset Information

  • Weekly Check In’s


Your own mindset coach.

Take a look at the content below to see some of our work we have done, people we have worked with, programs we have consulted on and session we have run with clubs and elite sporting teams. We pride ourselves on our work being customizable to anyone we work with to ensure the best results. Our sessions offer great value for money.


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