Wellness Overhaul - Part 1: Healthy Eating

Wellness Overhaul - Part 1: Healthy Eating


Get your new lifestyle starting off with a bang starting with food with our Wellness Overhaul - Healthy Eating Program!!


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The program includes:

Healthy Fridge + Pantry Guide: The Wellness Overhaul Healthy Eating Program begins with an in-depth look at what’s currently in your fridge + pantry, then step-by-step we work on making some positive changes and I will give you some guidance to help set up your kitchen for ultimate success!


Personalised meal plan: A personalised meal plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the whole week


Healthy Eating Guides: You will also receive guides and worksheets to take the challenge out of shopping, meal planning, cooking healthy meals at home!


Follow up emails + action: You will receive a follow up email sent to you summarising and going over what we have discussed in the session, plus the next steps and providing you with relevant tools and guides


Access to our NEW Mini Nourish ebook: 20+ gluten + dairy free recipes for week days, on-the-go and weekends