Wellness Overhaul - Part 2: Exercise & Well-being

Wellness Overhaul - Part 2: Exercise & Well-being


Get your new lifestyle starting off with a bang starting with food with our Wellness Overhaul - Exercise & Well-being Program!!




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The program includes:

Exercise + Well-being Guide: The Wellness Overhaul Exercise & Well-being Program begins with an in-depth look at what’s your current exercise habits are, then step-by-step we work on making some positive changes and I will give you some guidance to help you steadily increase your exercise habits or get started and make sure it's things you love, which will make it a success!


Personalised meal plan: At your second session, a personalised meal plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for a whole week


Exercise Guides: You will also receive guides and worksheets to take the challenge out of where to start, what type of exercise to choose and what suits you - we're here to help you break it down and figure out what works best for you for your health and well-being!


Access to our NEW Mini Nourish ebook: 20+ gluten + dairy free recipes for week days, on-the-go and weekends