Group Sessions

60-90 MINUTES $250

Here at Mindfulness Matters we offer a range of group sessions around Mindset, all of which can be tailored to your groups specific needs (i.e. Goal-Setting, Motivation, Dealing with Pressure etc.). Whether you’re a local sporting club or an elite sporting team we have programs for everyone, to help your athletes perform at there peak.


One : One Sessions

60 MINUTES $80 • 90 MINUTES $120

Are you an athlete who has goals, dreams and talent but find you are struggling with motivation, converting your talent in competition or find you’re never achieving your goals? Or are you an everyday individual who has personal or professional goals but find you are struggling to achieve them, or are not sure HOW to achieve them? We got you - one on one session are a great way to bring some clarity to your life, create clear direction and plan how you are going to achieve your goals and most of all not let your mind get in the way.

We now offer 1:1 Mindset sessions via Skype. We are aware that not all schedules are created equally and sometimes people don’t have the time to make to a location for a session, which is why we now offer sessions via Skype. These sessions run exactly the same way as 1:1 face to face session, just without the hassle of having to travel.


Corporate Sessions

60 MINUTES $300 • 90 MINUTES $350

We don’t just work with athlete’s and sporting clubs; we also work with organisations to help their teams work as one. To improve morale, teamwork and motivation to kick business goals. We specialise in working with your employees to not only help create staff goals, give them inspiration and ownership of these goals to help them achieve and help drive your business to success.



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