What kind of mindset do you have?

A Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset - depending on which kind of mindset you currently have can have an effect on how successful we are in our lives, not just success with our careers, or money, but with our success with our state of well-being.


So what is a GROWTH MINDSET?? 

Well it's simple really, some traits of a growth mindset are:

  • I can learn anything I want to and put my mind too

  • I learn from my failures and mistakes

  • I want to challenge myself

  • I feel like feedback is constructive and beneficial

  • I am inspired by the success of others and those around me

  • I always persevere even when I am feeling frustrated

  • My efforts and attitude determine everything

Compared to a FIXED MINDSET, which has traits like:

  • I am either good at something or I am not

  • If i fail i am no good

  • I feel like feedback is personal

  • If others succeed I feel threatened

  • I give up if i find something difficult

  • My abilities determine everything


Depending on which mindset you have can make a huge difference in how you life your life, and how successful you are in the areas mentioned above. The more open our mind is, the more positive and optimistic we are and the more resilience we show we find we're able to achieve much much more. A short example of this to help you understand what I am talking about is - when I was younger I used to compete in Karate at an elite level, it was something i absolutely loved however, it wasn't easy for me to get myself to that "elite level" why? Well you see I was an extremely short girl who looked about 5 years younger than what she actually was and I was the skinniest thing you've ever seen.

This meant that people though i wasn't tough enough to compete against certain competitors or at certain competitions as they thought I would get eaten alive; which is really nice of them to be worried about me, however it meant that i had a point to prove. I needed to not only show I was tough and aggressive when fighting other competitors but i needed to show I was the best competitor hands down, no debate to get them to select me for an international team. If I had just gone 'life's not fair, why is it so much harder for me', 'why am i expected to achieve things to another level' and 'why cant people just see me for who i am not how i look' and gave up I never would of achieved all that i did during my 15 years on competitive karate and would never have represented my country internationally at a world championships.

So my key message is never give up, no matter what feedback you get, no matter how much others tell you that you can't do something if you believe you can then.... YOU CAN!!


Taela Davis