There's that age old saying that everybody is different right, we are all individuals and good at different things. For me running has never been something I've been good at... EVER! Don't get me wrong it's not like I never wanted to be good at running, I have always been one of those girls who wished she could just chuck on her runners and go for a run on a nice sunny day to get some exercise, or go for a run if I am feeling stressed to let off some steam.

To be honest I just thought that structurally my body wasn't built for running (with a set of bad knees etc) and to some extent I still believe it; however, recently I have had a big motivator to become a runner. A few months ago my beloved Mumma got diagnosed with breast cancer and my sister was shaving her head for her and I wanted to do something for her also, so there it was my challenge to run 10k non-stop to raise money for my mum to support her treatment and surgery costs.

Apparently, sometimes all you need is the right motivator and some amazing people who believe in you and will help you train and support you along the way. 

Luckily for me I have a wonderful boyfriend who is a natural born runner, which is lucky given he plays football - who believed in me and was happy to help train with me and be my pace setter. Then their were my amazing netball friends who were there to support me in my training sessions and on the big day too.

So here are few tips I have picked up on the way to learning to become a runner:

- Having people around you who believe in you and will support you, there's nothing better than having a friend or partner who will push you and help you along your journey to conquering a challenge - even if they do need to take baby steps with you

- Doing it at your own pace, don't rush into trying to reach your running goal whatever it might be? Take the time to really work you way up to it. For example, start off with trying to run 1k first then slowly increase to 3k, 5k, 8k etc..

- Go easy on yourself and your body. If you've never been a runner like myself then as soon as you begin to try your body won't know whats hit it, so be kind when you pull up sore or if your body is a bit rat shit on a couple of your runs

- Lastly, and most importantly do it at your own pace. This is something that was confirmed to me by Dr Death himself (the worlds best masseuse and injury healer) if your training with friends run at your own pace, one your comfortable with and don't try and keep up with others, otherwise you will end up not doing yourself or your body any favours


I'd love to know about your running challenges and goals - have you set yourself any? If so let me know.

Tae x