The path to my bodies destruction and to hitting rock bottom began at age 24, I had a very slow but steady demise for many years trying to deal with my chronic fatigue but also managing to keep it somewhat at bay. Unfortunately as most of you will be aware towards the end of last year my body fell to pieces and my world came crashing down. Since then I’ve turned my life around, after spending nearly half a year being a useless mess and going away to get treatment, and even though I am much better than I was I'm still paying the price.

I don’t regret anything about back then as I have learnt so much from going through that experience — I believe everything happens for a reason — but to this day, I am still going through massive amounts of work from my bodies torture and what I put it through unconsciously too (think: junk food, antibiotics, the pill, alcohol, just to name a few). But as I sit here and write this, I realise now more than ever that health is a journey, not a destination. Health is about fine-tuning and continuing to step it up. Just like you would get a car serviced regularly, you constantly have to check in with your body and see how it's going. Peel back another layer. Go deeper. Clean up more. It’s  a never ending process...

Right now, I am working on healing my gut, keeping my allergies at bay and trying to fix my fatigue. And yes — sometimes it’s frustrating that I still have all of these health issues going on even though I've been through treatment and I’m so damn proactive, especially when it manifests as hives, eczema and rash's on my skin and extremely fatigue etc. In fact, many people often say to me, ‘How does the healthiest person I know have so many health issues?!’ Great point! But this is just another layer of health for me. Another opportunity to detox further, clean up more, and go deeper. This is my divine responsibility.

If you’ve been hanging out around me for awhile reading this blog or following me on Instagram, you will know food is also heavily linked to our emotions and this wake up call has allowed me to see some areas I was placing too much power in food or that I was under estimating food and how important it is and what kind you put in your body… yet another important lesson, and another area where I need to be conscious of choosing love over fear.

In fact, our bodies are messengers for all sorts of different lessons. Yet whenever we get any sort of illness or disease — whether it’s as simple as a cough or something more serious — the first thing we usually do is shoot the messenger. Body, you let me down; you've done this to me, it’s all your fault. But let’s take a step back here; let’s take some responsibility and quit pointing the finger. No one made you eat that third donut or drink your fifth low fat latte, stay out all night partying or cosume mass amounts of alcohol. Nope! You are the one in the driver's seat, so stop shooting your messenger. I know it’s ‘easier’ to blame others, but your health is a great opportunity to stand up and take responsibility.

When the Universe gives you a little nudge with a warning sign, take note people!

Don't wait for the Universe to pull the rug out from under you. Listen to the message and act according. Go see a naturopath or holistic GP, STAT! Do your own research, tune into your body, and listen to its messages. Our bodies are amazing and given half a chance, have the most incredible innate ability to heal and repair.

I used to get really disheartened whenever I felt a niggle in my body, but now I feel empowered. My body has said to me, ‘You are ready to go deeper, you are ready for another lesson and to peel back another layer’. This is the perspective I choose to view it from, and it’s made a big difference to my mindset.

(And remember, when it comes to your perspective, you always have a choice.)


My current health lesson — is still my CFID and CVID— has been eye-opening for another reason too. It’s important for everyone to know this stuff is super important because whatever the state your gut is in, will affect the rest of your body it's like a ripple effect. It’s essential to heal your digestive tract, I would rather clean up my guts now than have extensive issues for the rest of my life!

And by the way, don’t think you fellas get off without a mention here. Your gut health matters too. You also need to make sure you guts are moving like a well (coconut) oiled machine. So if you are thinking of fixing your gut girls it’s a good idea for you and your lover to work with an experienced Naturopath  together. Let’s get you both feeling fabulously healthy!

So tell me loves, are there things you have been ignoring for a while that need your love and attention? Do you need to go inward and listen to your body’s needs? Do you need to do some research to empower yourself? Or book in with a Naturopath or holistic GP? 

Tae x