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Sometimes in life we have dreams or goals of what we want our life to look like, an what we would like to have accomplished by a certain age.

Unfortunately, life doesn't always workout the way we hope it would and our path sometimes has a lot more twists, turns, bumps and mountains in it than we initially anticipated. So our dreams or goals don't always match our reality, we then reach the age where we are in our life and what we accomplished feels like nothing.

 I remember to not look forward with too much eagerness to what life will feel like when I'm at the top of my game in any area of life. Because it might just feel like nothing. It might feel like it does right now. Instead, I focus on feeling everything I want to feel in life right now. With everything I have and everything I don't have. I focus on appreciating it all and letting where I am now feel incredible and fulfilling. 

And I share this message because I don't want you to fight your whole life, sacrifice your current happiness, just to reach that elusive cloud. God knows I didn't expect to be 27 years old suffering from two chronic illness', single and feeling like I've fought in a war recently; but that's just how life goes, and instead I am grateful that I am alone and have been which has given me the opportunity to really work on myself, figure out what it is that I truly, want, need and deserve in life and from others, that I have two amazing careers which I love and fulfill me, that I live in a beautiful area with a wonderful housemate and that I have the most amazing people in my life and that grows everyday.




By focusing on what you already have, you encourage it to expand and develop.  Then one day, with little struggle, you’ll be exactly where you always dreamed and it will feel better than you ever could have imagined even if it didn't happen at the time you expected.