So today I wanted to share with you a little something which really resonated with me after reading a really great article.

It's about being in a place you don't want to be in, but knowing that you aren't any less of anything because you aren't where you want to be or "should" be according to yourself or everyone else. Life happens, sickness happens. I now know I am exactly where I should be. My purpose and my reasoning for going through this will be revealed to me when the timing is right for ME. When it it's supposed to happen for me.

All you can do in life is have a bit of trust and faith in life even when things aren't going as planned. Sometimes you just have to trust the timing of your life, surrender to the shit and painful circumstance and know that this is just where you are meant to be at this moment in time. It doesn't mean you are behind in life, it means that this is where you are meant to be. You cant control it no matter how hard you try and it just might be preparing you for something extraordinary when the time is right and perfect for YOU and you've learnt the lessons life wants to teach you.

Life doesn't have to be a certain way, it's your human experience and your journey. No one life path or circumstance are more "right" or "on time" than another. It's your own individual story. Give yourself permission to be where you are and who you are in this moment. 

Perhaps it's preparing you for where you will end up and who you were actually meant to be all along - trust it and believe in it!!


Here are a few of my favorite parts

  • "If it's not the time, its just not the fucking time. You need to give yourself permission to be a human being."
  • "...We can't control it. We have to just let it be, to take a fucking step back for a moment, stop beating ourselves up into oblivion, and to let the cogs turn as they will. One day, this moment will make sense. Trust that."


You can read the article below:.