In the last three or so months I've been on a journey, going though all the stages of being diagnosed with a chronic illness:

Shock (initial paralysis), Denial (why me, what did I do to deserve this), Anger (frustration & outpouring of bottled-up emotions - hating the world and everyone), Depression (finally the realization of the inevitable... A LOT of crying), Testing (seeking realistic solutions and Acceptance (finally finding a way forward)


I've realised that the best way to move forward in a positive way when you have a chronic illness is to let yourself go through these stages and get to a point where you have accepted your new life or way of living; once this process is done then you can move onto building up your support systems which work best for you. The best thing I've found thus far into my journey is having conversations about chronic illness with others who have a chronic illness/s' and how they live their life. I found that a common theme is that when people are at their lowest point it is because they think they are alone and aren't well connected, there's so many people out there that need to hear other peoples story, journey and perspective on life.

It might sound silly but hearing how someone else has a chronic illness or multiple overlapping illness' and how they go about living their life, their attitude and perspective is actually amazing. Not only does it keep you in check and remind you that there are others that are going through the same thing as you, but also that there are people who are worse off and still have a positive outlook on life - sure they have their moments of being down, overwhelmed and somewhat useless... but we all do, we're only human. Being willing to share, help others and become a community can and will help others going through hard times. That's exactly why I'm posting this.

 All I can say is, if you feel like your losing hope (like we all have and one point or another), focus on what you have or what you want to figure out next with your health and make that your priority with everything you do and take it one step at a time. Whether that's focusing on the best treatment for you, then moving onto medications and supplements and then progressing onto your diet and nutrition.

Remember all the times you felt like giving up and  the good times you had between that, even the simplest of things like listening to your favourite playlist, sitting by yourself on the beach or meditating, taking your meds on time, anything! Being chronically ill, we live different lives than most but it doesn't change who we are, hold on to that. Embrace it and  make it your own. Don't give in to the negativity from others, the lack of care you may be dealing with, and most of all don't let your illness define you. We're all human. Nobody is perfect. You're not alone. For a moment there I lost my gift which is my never wavering positive attitude and how I handle my life and outlook on things, but it's back and I intend to use it to help myself and others.

Stay strong beautiful people x