I've really wanted to define healthy a little bit further as of late.  Because I’ve seen all the different types of individual approaches to 'being healthy' the girl slogging it at the gym 5 days a week who heads out partying on the weekend, then has a green juice on Sunday morning.  The yogi lifestyle working on your inner self but also eats a ‘junk food veganish’ diet. Or the corporate lifestyle who is downs green smoothies and bringing bliss balls to work but the stress of the office never leaves the mind.  

So I wanted to narrow down my definition of healthy, keeping in mind that this is my personal opinion that I’m hoping will resonate with you, but remember if it doesn't that's okay you’re entitled to your own views also!  



- Healthy bright eyes, shiny hair and a radiant complexion

- Having a good appetite and comfortable digestion of food 

- Daily bowel movements

- Energy through out the day

- Having good self esteem and respect for others

- A sense of humour and the ability to laugh hard 

- Healthy communication between others and with yourself

- A good memory and clear mind

- Free from anxiety, depression and worry

- A flexible and strong body that you move often

- Being able to see the good in life

- Free from illness and disease


If I can tick all of those boxes, I feel like I’m doing pretty well in life.  This little list has also given me a way to measure my well-being and be able to focus on areas that need a bit of extra attention.  

Obviously with the last one that is not the case for me and is something I will be working at for a long time and will be a long journey and road to recovery - however, all of the others are things I can strive towards daily by treating my body right and taking care of it.

Love and light x