Totally been struggling this last week...

Not being able to sleep almost every second night at the moment, sleepiness, emotions, body aches and the general highs and lows of going through this chronic illness process and organizing my treatment in America; which is super draining and exhausting but I can't wait for it to arrive. But as always, in these moments, I try to come back to what I am grateful for which helps make them A LOT easier.

I try hard to bring myself back to the fact that things could be much worse for me and that others have it worse off than I do. And the fact that even though I have my moments of being scared, overwhelmed and exhausted I have some pretty amazing people looking out for me and who are there for me supporting me along my journey. And lastly to the fact that everything that is causing me to feel low at the moment, are all things which could lead to me feeling so much better in a few months time (fingers crossed)... Oh and I am always grateful for views like this, especially them being so close to home - blessed!!

These days can either break you or build you up and i'll be a freaking mountain by the end of this chronic illness immune battle.

Peace and love x