I'm Taela.



I'm a firm believer that everyone has the right and is entitled to have a life full of happiness, health and wellness; but not just physical health, mental as well. These are areas which I have been passionate about for many years, which drove me to undertake qualifications to become a Youth Worker, Counsellor and also a Health and Wellness Coach.

I adore people and how unique and different we all are, but most importantly seeing people happy and flourishing. It is one of the things in life that puts the biggest smile on my face each day, it's something that can easily turn a bad day around for me if I see someone genuinely happy and content with their life without any struggles. It's what drove me to not only spend time in schools working as a Counsellor, but to begin working as a life coach - because sometimes people problems aren't as deep that they require counselling; sometimes people just need a little guidance, encouragement and support to help give them the courage to make changes, take leaps of faith etc.